Cavachons or cabochons…..or both?

The Cvillean

Below are the definitions of a couple of words from the title you’re probably not familiar with, as I wasn’t before.

Cavachon: “A crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise.” 

Cabochon: “A highly polished gem”

Since my last post was about kittens, it only seems fair to give puppies equal time. That, and the fact we just got a new one to entertain us and our other two-year old Cavachon. Which obligates me to introduce the furry friends that keep my life interesting.


If you don’t count getting up at all odd hours of night in freezing cold temps to house train, it’s just about the greatest thing imaginable to have a playful, wide-eyed, innocent little being running about and lavishing one with unconditional love.

There’s a whole new world for “Sadie” to explore and no adventure too daunting to not be undertaken immediately upon its discovery. Until, that is, a sudden sound…

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The curious case of the carousing critter….

The Cvillean

We often remark how our dog Bella has a face, with her black “mask”, that resembles a raccoon’s.

IMG_3638 This is Bella, not a raccoon.

A few nights ago, we got the chance to make the comparison first hand. It was a very stormy night following, oddly enough, a very stormy day. We decided to leave our back porch door open so Bella could avail herself of the fenced-in backyard as necessary. It was just too nasty to take our usual evening beach walk. To be honest, we often provide her this late night, easy access even after a walk and especially in balmy fall weather.

On this particular night, that ritual turned a little dicey. As I was sitting at my computer around 8:30 pm in the office/spare bedroom, I heard Bella go whooshing by. Normally she only goes full speed in the house if we have thrown the rubber squeaky ball for her to retrieve. I assumed my…

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Father’s inspiration

My father just encouraged me to write more blogs.  He reminded of my many incredible writing credentials.  I wrote a sports column for One year as a freshman in college. (Self-depreciating humor learned from Father) (He told me people like that sort of thing, On second thought I think I heard that from Homer Simpson on a Simpson’s episode). Problem was, I forgot to study, lost my academic scholarship and was put on academic probation for a semester from the golf team.  Yes, the NCAA frowns on college golfers who come up short in the classroom.  My father had a personal probation he handed down to me verbally that Christmas that was far more severe than the NCAA.  My grandfather in Florida also had a very nice letter comparing my college grades that semester to what I had done in high school under the auspices of my parents. I hadn’t yet learned how to do well on  college exams.  You have to focus on the parts in the text that will be on the next test and not what parts are most interesting.   Back then in the 1989-90 school year, the Pete Rose saga was in full force and I wrote a middle of the road article about how I thought Pete should be in the Hall of Fame.  I reminded the 10-12 readers that Pete had helped the Phillies finally win the World Series in 1980 and how this obviously trumped any loss of integrity he cost baseball. The interesting thing is that the Steroid Era was not yet a well known factor.  Ironically, 25 years later as Rose is still banned from baseball and the Hall of Fame.  I have heard him mention in intervies how the exclusion of Steroid Era ballplayers from the Hall of Fame in recent years doesn’t help his case.  Although it does seem fair to me, those steroid era players whom are not banned from baseball are not getting elected to the Hall.  I have heard that some in the committee feel that if Pete Rose can’t get in, neither should they.   The catch 22 is if they don’t get in, Pete probably won’t either.   I have decided that helping the Phillies win the World Series was good enough for me and I no longer have a strong opinion either way.

Blogger just getting started,


PS:  Dad you should have read some of my message board articles in my fantasy football league over the last 12 years.  Talk about writing credentials.

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expedient and appropriate punishment for domestic violence

Hey, I dropped Ray Rice from MY team (fantasy) months ago.  I guess I handled the whole thing the way it should have been handled from the many institutions under fire right now.

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Before the “baby boomers” there were the war babies……

Dad’s 70th birthday blog

The Cvillean

This week I will be celebrating my 70th birthday. As I began to reflect on what those years have meant to me, I realized that breaking it down by decades might be the best way to process it. So for better or worse and in condensed form, my chronological history:

Ages 0-9: I was born in Elmira, New York. There I learned walking (although I occasionally revert to toddling even now), talking (mostly, talking back), toilet training (still one of my greatest achievements), eating by myself (not pretty), playing sports (participant in all, but master of none), riding a bike (if you can call colliding with three different cars on three different occasions bike riding) and schooling (like, it’s not really optional).

Ages 10-19: I became a typical adolescent, the kind you’d rather not be around. Sports still prevailed as the best reason for living. I discovered that teenage girls were the devil’s spawn…

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